Pressure Sensors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

New sealing concept offers high levels of safety and long term stability

A special pressure sensor designed for use at the fuel tank of hybrid-electric vehicles is the latest development from the specialists for ceramic pressure measuring cells – AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH. The new pressure sensor features very high measuring accuracy over its life time, and satisfies the specific and demanding requirements of modern hybrid-electric vehicles particularly closely.

At the core of the new pressure sensor is a fully ceramic pressure measuring cell with integrated pressure connection. The sensor is mounted in a compact two-part housing. Next to the pressure measuring cell are the circuit board for signal conditioning and the electrical connection.

Sealing against the installation point can be made with either one or two O-rings, depending on the medium and tightness requirements. Different O-ring materials can also be combined to allow compatibility with different media or aggregate states at the same time. Thanks to its optimal use of space, this new pressure sensor is only slightly taller than a EMS pressure sensor for a comparable pressure range.

AB Elektronik’s in-house ceramic processing capability has enabled a rapid and flexible design of the pressure connection in terms of diameter and sealing concept, for individual adaptation to customer requirements. The preferably digital interface can also be quickly varied in its design.

“This new sensor opens up a very wide field of applications in the sophisticated low pressure range for sensors of this type” says Frank Rothe, specialist for pressure, temperature and liquid quality sensors at AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH.» Technical details about combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor can be found here

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