Participate our Webinar: “SPINpad Sensors Outperform VR Resolvers in Terms of Economy, Functionality, & Flexibility in Hybrid/Electric Powertrains”

On Wednesday, May 27, 1 pm EST Matthias Knoche, Product Application Manager Speed Sensors will give a live webinar about our innovative SPINpad technology.



The functionality and effectiveness of electric motors and driver assistance systems is critically dependent on the reliability of the sensors that convert physical variables, such as speed or position, into electrical signals and transmit them to the control unit. One of the most crucial sensors in electrified powertrains — the rotor position sensor— is located within an electric motor, which is an exceptionally challenging environment. VR resolvers are the current standard technology solution but have no active electronics, which means that they can’t offer any self-diagnostic functions, and are costly considering the technology principle and manufacturing processes.

AB Elektronik developed SPINpad Rotor Positions Sensors to provide hybrid/electric powertrains with more economical, functional, and flexible alternatives to VR resolvers. SPINpad sensors incorporate active electronics, which allows them to support redundant systems designs that meet stringent safety-critical applications requirements per ISO 26262 functional safety guidelines, solve accuracy issues common to VR resolvers, reach maximum speeds of up to 100,000rpm depending on the number of pole pairs within electric motors, and provide digital or analog output signals with readiness for ISO26262 up to ASIL C with one channel or ASIL D with a redundant system. SPINpad sensors are also more flexible in terms of assembly, featuring a very thin form factor with high magnetic immunity and various assembly options for substrates ranging from PCBs to fully metallic targets.