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Marius Gloger
A talent. Without any doubt!

Marius, in the picture left together with his colleague Igor Mondel, used our internship program and is now part of our team!

In April 2018 Marius Gloger started his full-time career at AB Elektronik in Werne. For him it was a bit like “arriving”, because AB Elektronik has accompanied his career to date.

But from the beginning:

Marius Gloger is fond of travelling, a technically and commercially interested young person who is particularly interested in renewable energies and the topic of electric mobility. Marius has local connections, but is also curious and open to new experiences. He showed this for the first time during a year in the USA, which he completed before completing his studies. During this time, he made a decision to live and work near his hometown in the future. However, it was important to him that his professional career should continue in an international environment.
His studies were preceded by various internships, which helped him to structure the selection of an actual course of studies and his choice of the university. He finally decided on the Ruhr area, because friends and family were there, and his choice fell on the Technical University Dortmund (TU Dortmund). There, his carefully considered main interests were ideally represented in his course of studies: Industrial Engineering and Management.

Marius: “I never had any doubts about my choice. I knew that I wanted to start my training in a broad range of subjects, and so I decided to study industrial engineering at the TU Dortmund, which I started in 2012. I found it more difficult to find the focus for my later professional career – but the practical placements helped me a lot. When my first internship was due in 2015, I applied to AB Elektronik. For me it was crucial that the time was right and that I would gain a perspective for a Bachelor thesis. I had several options. AB answered very quickly and the interview was really good. Shortly afterwards I started my internship with focus on development, validation and sales in Werne. During this time, I felt that my future focus should be on technology/electronics – and this was also supported: Just one year later I wrote my Bachelor thesis on the topic “Analysis of impedance changes due to electrostatic discharges on sensor pins as a criterion for error identification”.

Meanwhile, I had become familiar with many processes, and of course my managers at AB Elektronik also had the opportunity to evaluate my abilities. After completing my Bachelor thesis in 2016, I was offered the opportunity to support the validation department as a working student.
I accepted only too gladly, because I knew the team – they are super nice people, who enabled me to gain much practical experience. Meanwhile, I had decided to study for a higher degree, and I was allowed to allocate my time flexibly to accommodate the demands of the university course.
Based on these experiences, I started the second part of my studies with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree in industrial engineering and economics”.

Local job – global career: The selection and planning of student and professional careers are decisive milestones. Anyone wishing to pursue a career in a global environment should find out beforehand which professions offer the greatest overlap in terms of areas of interest, economic opportunities and development opportunities.
AB Elektronik offers internships in all fields. Take the opportunity to question ideas and wishes and build up your first professional network.

Marius: “The path to the Master’s degree was not easy, but I was able to benefit from having a clear goal and a vision of the professional environment that awaited me. Somehow I also wanted to prove that the time invested in me and the mentoring were worthwhile. In the frankest terms, even if things didn’t go so well, it was a matter of: ‘Grit your teeth and focus on the target’. In my case, this meant successfully completing the Master’s thesis on “Disruption of metal parts supply chains through 3D printing innovations” in 2018. The focus here was on innovation – how could it be otherwise?

After all, I was attracted by a job in the area that already fascinated me during my training, and promised me a variety of tasks. Today, as a development engineer, I am strengthening the innovation team in Werne. This in turn has given me the opportunity to join an absolutely great and extremely competent team, and a work dynamic that matches my attitude. What can I say? I am delighted that I have managed to achieve my professional milestones thus far, and I am sure that many exciting tasks await me in my new specialist area.”

A key point about the corporate family: student life is no longer just about parties, and the demands on graduates are constantly increasing. This phase, together with making valuable professional experienced contacts motivates one to progress. The practical projects make it even more worthwhile to swot up on the theoretical knowledge. The mentors at AB Elektronik are on your side: professional, very human and not stuck up on hierarchies.

AB Elektronik: Our company, with its international approach, offers a wide range of opportunities to combine technical and commercial interests. Through good mentoring and acceptance into established project teams, we help to provide a practical viewpoint. Many things that previously seemed rather complicated – and gave few impulses for a career start – become more tangible and interesting in internships or student research projects. Marius has made good use of this opportunity, and we are delighted that he is joining our corporate family today!