Dual studies at AB Elektronik

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We promote the growth of our company, and we’re also happy to develop your career prospects with you.

In the leading role:

Angelika Schens

A young woman who should realise a greater potential.

Korbach, Hesse. Angelika is determined and starts looking early for a suitable partner for an apprenticeship. She would like to complete a practical training course, and at the same time study mechatronics. She is ready to leave her home in North Hesse at the age of only 19 after graduating from high school. She is a little nervous, because in addition to the challenges of her studies and training, this also means becoming independent.

She gets a referral to AB Elektronik from a counselling centre. The combination of a technical course of study in Dortmund, with periods of presence at the Werner company, meets her expectations precisely.

Angelika: “I liked the speedy application process at AB Elektronik, and the training model, in which college and company always run in parallel, was more advantageous to me than a sandwich course.

The company location in Werne resembles my home town Korbach a little. That was an additional plus point, because I’m not a fan of big cities. The FOM in Dortmund is easy to reach from there. So I quickly decided to accept the place on offer.

I knew that I could achieve the goals I had set myself. Nevertheless, there were small doubts, because the requirements of a dual study program are quite demanding. And although it was my wish to become independent, the separation from home was more difficult for me than expected.

When everything was in place and an apartment had been found, I was informed that my chosen mechatronics course had not come about, and that I had to switch to mechanical engineering at very short notice. I had already gained a very good impression of the company through the discussions with AB and did not want to change. However, I accepted the change of discipline and began my studies in September 2013.

In this situation and at the age of 19, it was very important for me to be well received in the company. The lack of leisure time, which comes with the intensive training, allows little time for making new acquaintances. That makes having good colleagues and a working environment in which you feel at home all the more important.”

Dual studies at AB Elektronik: This form of training optimally combines practical experience with a theoretical course of studies. You save time and earn money from the start.

At the same time, the commitment to the company opens up good prospects for the future.

This path is particularly suitable for determined and performance-oriented career self-starters. Due to the parallel training, there is little free time and the demands are high. But it is worth it, as you can read from Angelika’s example.

Those who dare to do so are in good hands with us, because courage and determination are attributes that we greatly appreciate about you!

Mentoring – start-up support in the first few years of your career.
Plenty of support through the apprenticeship and also in the first years of the job opens up many possibilities.
At AB Elektronik, trainees and interns find experienced contacts and are directly integrated into teams. Technical questions receive a competent response. Our mentors also keep an open ear to personal concerns, since only those who feel they are in good hands can motivate themselves to perform well, and perhaps even grow beyond their own expectations. Give it a try, we will be happy to assist you!

Angelika: “The support and above all the professional mentoring during my studies exposed me to many different specialist areas. This gave me a good idea of the various career options that awaited me after my studies.

Even during my studies, the company supported me with additional training as a quality manager at TÜV Rheinland, which meant I could additionally qualify for tasks in the QM system. The contractual working time of 35 hours a week was reduced so that I could not only master all modules, but also complete them with good results.

My experience in the field of quality and the testing laboratory led to my preference for this for the bachelor thesis and for a later position. With the topic of ‘Securing press-fit technology on the basis of statistical evaluations and metallographic examinations’, I achieved an overall grade of 1.6 for my training.

Today, I am a team member in the testing laboratory, and glad to have taken this strenuous route. I have received a lot of support from the company, and in the end I am proud of myself. Not only did I go my own way, but in some areas I was able to really outgrow myself. This has opened up new perspectives for me that I would never have considered as a nineteen year old high school student.”

AB Elektronik: With its international orientation, our company offers many opportunities to combine technical and commercial interests. Through good mentoring and acceptance into concrete project teams, we help to create a practical view of work. Things that previously seemed rather complicated and provided little interest to a career starter become more tangible and interesting.

Angelika made very good use of this opportunity, and we are delighted that she is now part of our corporate family!