Technical article: Efficient and reliable battery switch for 48 V Li-ion batteries

In the case of a traffic accident, it must be possible to disconnect lithium-ion batteries independently and safely from electrical consumers. At present, mechanical relay switches are used, but these cause noise. For electric cars in particular, the requirements for noise emission of components are becoming more stringent. A semiconductor-based isolating switch can be used as an alternative for this application. The solution presented in this article offers advantages in terms of high current capability, excellent thermal properties (continuous and transient) and long service life, while at the same time being cost-effective, since the power electronics are largely made of a pure aluminium alloy.


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On Wednesday, May 27, 1 pm EST Matthias Knoche, Product Application Manager Speed Sensors will give a live webinar about our innovative SPINpad technology.



The functionality and effectiveness of electric motors and driver assistance systems is critically dependent on the reliability of the sensors that convert physical variables, such as speed or position, into electrical signals and transmit them to the control unit. One of the most crucial sensors in electrified powertrains — the rotor position sensor— is located within an electric motor, which is an exceptionally challenging environment. VR resolvers are the current standard technology solution but have no active electronics, which means that they can’t offer any self-diagnostic functions, and are costly considering the technology principle and manufacturing processes.

AB Elektronik developed SPINpad Rotor Positions Sensors to provide hybrid/electric powertrains with more economical, functional, and flexible alternatives to VR resolvers. SPINpad sensors incorporate active electronics, which allows them to support redundant systems designs that meet stringent safety-critical applications requirements per ISO 26262 functional safety guidelines, solve accuracy issues common to VR resolvers, reach maximum speeds of up to 100,000rpm depending on the number of pole pairs within electric motors, and provide digital or analog output signals with readiness for ISO26262 up to ASIL C with one channel or ASIL D with a redundant system. SPINpad sensors are also more flexible in terms of assembly, featuring a very thin form factor with high magnetic immunity and various assembly options for substrates ranging from PCBs to fully metallic targets.

AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH: Georg Schafrath says goodbye and takes over the management of Salzburg on April 1st

A farewell that will become official on 1 April 2020. On this date Georg Schafrath will take over the role of Managing Director of AB Mikroelektronik in Salzburg, also part of AVX Sensing and Control Division. AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH will be managed on an interim basis by the long-standing plant management team members Aldo Bojarski, Head of Development at the Klingenberg site, and Lars Warnecke, Head of Finance of the Sensing and Control Division.

Originally planned in the context of a works meeting, the farewell took place on a much smaller scale than planned, in the spirit of social isolation. However, Georg Schafrath found very personal words for the workforce and management team, who have backed him with unreserved loyalty since 2017. As a member of the Supervisory Board, he will continue to be associated with the plant in the future. 

Herr Schafrath takes up his new role with optimistic foresight. “AB Mikroelektronik stands for innovative automotive technologies with the Power Module and LED technologies product lines, strong application depth and customer specific developments. With worldwide production at the global locations of the AVX group, together with the local team we continue to build on our strengths.”

Further information about AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH.

AB Elektronik: Rotor Position Sensor for Electric Motors

Inductive SPINpad Rotor Position Sensor from AB Elektronik optimizes the efficiency of electric motors

It’s a highly topical issue: alternative drive concepts and further reduced fleet emission limits (limit value 2020: 95g CO2/km) require solutions. Here, the electric motor is considered to be the alternative with the highest short term efficiency in powertrain optimization.

Designed-in solutions: the SPINpad sensor offers high immunity to interference, and cost advantages through a simplified design

Achieving high efficiency from an electric motor requires precise control, and the lower the specific energy consumption, the greater the range of the vehicle. A fundamental control variable for motor control in this context is the rotor position within the electric motor.

AB Elektronik’s rotor position sensor is a further evolution of AUTOPAD inductive technology – with many million products in the field.

The inductive system is characterized by an immunity to low frequency magnetic fields up to 150kHz. The circuit board based design of the coil structures, and the resonant operation, allow several sensor systems to be located in a very small space. These are designed to meet functional safety requirements (ISO 26262) up to a maximum level of ASIL D. Many years’ experience in inductive technology has enabled a simple product design, ideal for highly automated production. The associated cost advantages make the system more attractive than comparable solutions.

Made for the future: Forward thinking in the design of the rotor position sensor supports self-diagnostic functions, and paves the way for use in autonomous vehicles

This is novel in the field of rotor position sensors, as existing technologies (e.g. VR resolvers) are purely mechanical/passive sensors without self-diagnostic functions. This can lead to control software problems in the growth phase of autonomous driving, as such sensors cannot be adequately secured against potential errors.

Depending on the application requirements, the SPINpad sensor can be designed as a 360° system. Alternatively, to simplify installation and for large diameters, a circular segment design can be adopted. Depending on the design of the vehicle, the system can be mounted on the shaft (‘through-shaft’), or on the end of the shaft.

In combination with AB Elektronik’s innovative direct injection moulding technology, a SPINpad rotor position sensor is robust against even the most demanding requirements in the customer application – for example, continuous operation at 150°C in transmission oil.

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BS6 Sensor Solutions for exhaust applications

Trust in competence – sensors and power electronics for exhaust applications that meet the requirements of the BS6 regulation in India

AB Elektronik: BS6 Sensor Solutions for exhaust applications in cars, trucks and two-wheelers.

AB Elektronik has partnered with global car, truck and two-wheeler manufacturers for many years. Today we are applying our long term experience in exhaust technologies to BS6 projects. Together with our teams in Manesar and Bangalore, India we are designing reliable, sturdy solutions for the next generation of environment friendly exhaust systems.

Our portfolio for exhaust gas applications includes:















Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Quality Sensors

  • Monitoring of loading and the regeneration process in the particulate filter
  • Monitoring of novel high temperature combustion processes (PWM, SENT or CAN signal output)
  • Pressure and quality monitoring of AdBlue® in the SCR system (Optical sensor records urea concentration in AdBlue® via the refractive index)

The field of exhaust after treatment is one of our core competences. As well as providing product information and technical articles on our website, we stay close to our global customers. For the India market and BS6 requirements, please get in touch with our sales team in Manesar or with Frank Rothe our global product application expert for exhaust applications.

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AB Elektronik develops standard concept for urea sensor

Since Euro standards have been regulating the pollutant emissions of modern engines and exhaust systems, automobile manufacturers and system partners have relied on sensors from AB Elektronik.
The measurement of urea quality is the third product column for exhaust gas sensor technology – alongside temperature and pressure measurement – with which the experts from Klingenberg, near Dresden, are finding success in global markets.

After consistent development of their optical urea concentration sensor, AB Elektronik has introduced standardization as a modular system, which opens up clear advantages over complex systems with ultrasonic units and other measuring methods. The optical measuring method allows a very compact sensor design, which proves to be extremely robust in demanding environmental conditions. The compactness allows for versatile use in different mounting systems, both in or at the urea tank, as well as in the supply line.

Frank Rothe, Product Manager for this product group, puts the increasing demand in the automotive sector down to the need for permanent measurement of the urea content in the fuel additive known as AdBlue. This is used to eliminate nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicles, and in modern automobiles, continuous measurement of its quality is now mandatory. If the concentration does not comply with the specifications, or if the level in the tank can no longer be measured, the driver receives various warnings until the vehicle finally switches to emergency mode. The sensor is also used for similar functions in tanks and industrial plants.

“We see a wide variety of requirements regarding the installation space, and the interfaces for measuring urea content”, says Mr Rothe. “Not every requirement can be supported with a completely new design if the required quantity is small. This has led to our development of a modular standard, which we will offer in the future with a partner, among other things as a complete tank sensor unit. As a competent partner in the field of exhaust gas sensor technology, we are convinced that this step will help our customers to optimize their systems.” Frank Rothe continues: “Development of the technology is in the hands of our European competence centre; production and local design adaptation takes place in our international locations.”

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Battery switch from AB Mikroelektronik

AB Mikroelektronik battery switch enables fast, safe and noiseless disconnection with high-performance electric vehicle batteries.

E-mobility is changing the future of transport. This technology change is a global trend, and between 2020 and 2030 should become a reality for a broad base of consumers. For several years now, hybridization of vehicles has been rolling out across the fleets of many car manufacturers, and continued progress is expected.

AB Mikroelektronik´s innovative packaging technologies offer high performance for power semiconductor modules

One of the keystone technologies in this transition is the dynamic field of power electronics. Assembling and packaging power semiconductors in a highly efficient way, both for lowest power dissipation and highest heat conduction, provides the route to increased range, faster charging and many other advantages. AB Mikroelektronik has transformed these demanding requirements into an optimized packaging concept, and today offers customer-specific solutions for even the smallest installation spaces and the highest thermal requirements.

AB Mikroelektronik´s battery switch achieves high power density in a small package volume

Among these newly developed technologies is a powerful switch that disconnects the battery of an electric car from the power train in a fast, safe and noiseless way. Bare die semiconductors are directly attached to rigid aluminium metal substrates, produced using thick film technology. Both isolating and conductive electrical tracks can be applied in a flexible way on the substrates. The switch is located directly between the battery positive terminal and the load, and controls current flow in both directions.

All-aluminium power module for efficient and reliable connection to high current busbar systems

Parallel connection of multiple power semiconductors means higher currents can be supported, with power dissipation shared between them. Typical on-state resistance of the complete power module is as low as 0.75 mOhm at 25 °C. Very low thermal resistance of the module of only 0.2 K/W from semiconductor junction to water is achieved by applying materials with a high thermal conductivity. This property is mainly achieved by the pure aluminium metal substrate on which bare die semiconductors are directly attached. For transient current pulses, the thermal resistance is less than 0.1 K/W, which allows rapid power dissipation of about one kilowatt. For protection against humidity, and increased electrical isolation and ruggedness, the complete module is packaged in an epoxy compound with additional integrated sensors for temperature, voltage and current sensing.

The high efficiency of this module assures a cost effective design and minimum power consumption in typical e-mobility applications.











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AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou at WeChat

AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou at WeChat

“WeChat is one of the most important communication platforms in China,” confirms Leo Liu, General Manager China.

And there is a lot to tell, because AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou is a recognized partner for the implementation of global projects for European customers, and an established player for sensors and power electronics in China’s local automobiles, trucks and off-road vehicles.

To ensure our partners receive all news conveniently and quickly, we have recently started a WeChat portal, and we’re delighted at the great reception it has had!

News is guaranteed as our plant in China is looking forward to a year of strong growth, and our technical expertise has become a valued asset for Chinese automotive manufacturers and system suppliers. Technical articles, new products and company insights will be available via our WeChat website in the future.

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WeChat – more than just a messenger service

In China, this app is much more than just a messenger app of the kind you are familiar with in Europe. Numerous transactions of daily life are processed via this app. The platform has approximately 100 million users, and has long since become a permanent feature for companies that want to be noticed in China, the world’s second largest economy.

AB Elektronik expands market share for electronic hand throttles in India.

Werne – Manesar, May 2019 – AB Elektronik GmbH in Werne and AVX Electronics in Manesar have cooperated closely to expand their market share for electronic hand throttles in India. Their electronic solution for hand throttles has been adopted by leading Indian three-wheeler manufacturers, based on the system that has already proved successful in Europe.

The handle layout will be adapted to customer-specific local requirements, and production in Manesar will be expanded. “Our customers were especially impressed by our robust and advanced design, short development time, and the local serial production in Manesar, India”, says Praveen Gupta, General Manager – India.

In addition to local production the time factor is very important, because the Indian market for internal combustion engine powered vehicles demands innovative solutions for two and three-wheelers very shortly. The BS6 emission standards, which can only be achieved by the consistent introduction of innovative sensors in all vehicles in the country, will apply as soon as April 1, 2020. For achieving these standards, most OEMs will need to start producing their new engines by December 2019. Rapid development of this technology for the Indian market has been made possible by AB Elektronik’s know-how, and its many years’ experience in the integration and conversion of mechanical to electronic systems.

Electronic hand throttles work similarly to accelerator pedals in passenger cars. In this case, mechanical modules with Bowden cables are largely dispensed with. Controlling the powertrain with an electronic solution is much more precise, and therefore invaluable in meeting the proposed exhaust emission standards as well as provide additional features like signals for regenerative braking in E-bikes.

The AVX throttles work with non-contact sensor technology, with the sensor designed as a two channel system for the driver’s safety. The two sensor channels are independent of each other, and the sensor generates two independent signals proportional to the angular position of the throttle grip to provide redundancy. The electronic hand throttle is a key interface between the vehicle and the driver. The driver’s intentions are safely converted by the clear detection of the throttle angular position, and the corresponding signal from the throttle to the engine control unit.

AVX India expects further growth in this area through cooperation with a leading local manufacturer of cars, trucks, 3-wheelers, 2-wheelers and scooters. The latest E-scooters will in future be equipped with AB Elektronik/ AVX-branded electronic hand throttles for the Indian and European markets.

AB Elektronik steht für Ausbildung mit Zukunftsperspektive!

Mit Stolz nahmen fünf Auszubildende in Werne ihre Freisprechung entgegen

Strahlende Gesichter bei den Absolventen und den Ausbildern Nicole Riedel und Michael Duczek.
Eine bestandene Abschlussprüfung und eine attraktive Jobperspektive bei AB Elektronik lässt die Mühe der vergangenen drei bzw. dreieinhalb Jahre schnell vergessen und bildet einen guten Start in eine erfolgreiche berufliche Zukunft. Alle fünf Azubis werden übernommen und in unterschiedlichen kaufmännischen und technischen Fachbereichen ihre Karriere starten.


Nicole Riedel freut sich, dass die beiderseitige Bindung Früchte trägt: „Ausbildung ist uns sehr wichtig und wir setzen dabei auf Vielseitigkeit und fachliche Förderung. Davon profitieren Unternehmen und Auszubildende, denn es ist eine Investition in die Zukunft. Ein zusätzlicher Mehrwert entsteht, wenn die Absolventen dem Unternehmen erhalten bleiben.“

Gutes Mentoring und unterschiedliche Arbeitsmodelle bei zeitlicher Flexibilität stehen bei den Berufsanfängern besonders hoch im Kurs, denn auch nach der Ausbildung will der ein oder andere noch mit einem Studium aufsatteln oder seine Kenntnisse vertiefen.

„Genau das bieten wir“, betont Michael Duczek, Ausbilder im technischen Bereich. „Es ist uns wichtig, junge Leute dort abzuholen wo sie stehen. Nicht alle sind bei Beginn einer Ausbildung auf demselben fachlichen Stand und auch die Erwartungen an den späteren Beruf sind sehr unterschiedlich. Wir vermitteln in hohem Maße Praxiswissen, aber vor allem auch Teamkompetenz und ermöglichen den Einblick in unterschiedliche Fachbereiche.“

Auch das Thema Berufsschule bedarf zeitweise Unterstützung. Diesbezüglich unterhält der Ausbildungsbereich der AB Elektronik intensive Kontakte zur IHK und weiteren Fachgremien, die für diesen Bereich ansprechbar sind und Lernhilfen anbieten.

Die Komplexität der Ausbildungsgänge hat in den vergangenen Jahren fachlich sowie schulisch immer weiter zugenommen. Wir bei AB Elektronik möchten aktiv dazu beitragen, junge Menschen durch eine gute Ausbildung auf ihre berufliche Laufbahn vorzubereiten. Dafür bieten wir viel Flexibilität für praxisnahe Weiterbildung oder kombinierte Studienmodelle und ermöglichen Praktika in allen  Phasen der Berufswahl.

Mehr über unsere Ausbildungsprogramme und Praktika.
Ausbildung lohnt sich – hier sprechen Berufsstarter über ihren Werdegang mit AB Elektronik.