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We especially like to work with people who appreciate dynamics and change, who see new tasks as an opportunity, and who do not develop vertigo on the career ladder.

Dresden, Saxony. Determination has never been Mandy’s problem. After graduating from high school, Mandy first completed an apprenticeship. After only a short time she realized that the core topics of this profession didn’t seem nearly as interesting to her as the introduction of the new operating software. Fortunately, her trainer recognized the dilemma and used her talents for this project. Good for both, because Mandy stayed, discovered her interest in IT and graduated as planned. 

With the aim of developing her education in IT, she began her studies in 1999 to become a graduate in Business Informatics at the Technical University of Dresden, while at the same time gaining practical experience in a pharmaceutical company, which later enabled her to start her working career.

She earned her diploma with a thesis on “Development of a data warehouse for the university sector” as one of four young women in a course of studies with a total of 74 graduates, before taking part in the design of IT processes in the pharmaceutical company as part of her first employment.

When her employer announced that it was moving to Ulm, Mandy decided not to move for family reasons. IT experts were rare, and Mandy was looking for a new challenge in her professional career. Through personal contacts she learned of a group leader position in the IT function of AB Elektronik.

Local responsibility:

As a company, AB Elektronik offered Mandy exactly what she had prepared for during her years of training: a professional structure, an operational business, a high level of flexibility and above all an experienced four person strong team, for which she took over the team management at the beginning of 2011.

Mandy: “From the start, I had great respect for the task that awaited me. There were only a few female managers in IT, and each team member had deep expertise. On top of that, my start was accompanied by many unpredictable disturbances. These ranged from power and Internet failures to server problems. But this was also an opportunity: we were put to the test very quickly as a team. Today I have to smile about the early days with all the firefighting missions. But luckily we worked through these critical situations very effectively and grew together. 

Young Professionals fit well with AB Elektronik If they are curious, technically up to scratch and have a passion to bring projects to a successful conclusion.

The international group structure enables career steps in global teams.

In parallel to the successful local efforts, the then parent company established a new IT structure in 2012. The focus was on consolidating structures and overarching processes, and standardizing hardware and software. Functionally assigned IT teams around the globe were to be able to solve acute problems in a uniform system environment, and to make productive use of the time difference between plants. Future strategies would also be implemented uniformly going forward.

Mandy: “I was curious. We had already done a lot in this direction in Klingenberg and I was convinced that this new structure and objectives were right and necessary. But should I apply for a newly available position? In the end it was my team members who encouraged me, and a few weeks and a few selection procedures later, I was Head of the IT Service Teams, EU Mainland”, Mandy remembers.

The next step: Responsibility for the IT Team EU Mainland

“My new team comprised 20 people,” Mandy remembers, “and along with regional managers for the USA and Asia, we started profiling our teams. We formed global virtual support teams, and coached the group leaders according to their professional expertise and individual preferences. It was a time that demanded a lot from all of us, as local teams that had grown together over the years were reorganized. At the same time, our division had to set up a new plant in Romania, and required a high level of real IT services. This career move was demanding but at the same time a welcome challenge. Group structures offer the opportunity to combine a local job with further career opportunities. The support in our team structure gave me the courage to take this step, and today I am glad that I took the European position. It has given me the opportunity for personal development that helps me in my current role”.

Modern structures and flat hierarchies

Open for new challenges – so that the potential for excellence can mature. A professional career is based on goals that you set yourself and the opportunities that develop.

We value determination and courage. Together we will develop your career from this springboard.

The next challenge came in 2017 with the sale of the Sensing and Control business unit to AVX, one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, based in the USA. System handovers and the integration into the new parent company demanded the technical expertise of the IT teams, and once again the well-practised cooperation and centralised management structure proved its worth.

Always looking for the next step?

Great! Sometimes it comes faster than you think, and we are happy when our team members courageously face new challenges.

In 2019, the project finally became global and the changes were even more extensive. After a demanding and successful migration over several months, AVX decided to divide the group with over 10,000 employees worldwide into IT areas with process-relevant focal points. Mandy Günzel was nominated as Global IT Operations Manager and a significantly larger team was brought together under her leadership. After completion of this phase, central hardware and software specifications as well as IT service processes will be developed and controlled in order to optimize the effectiveness of the operations areas in AVX’s worldwide companies.

Mandy: “Afraid? No. The term ‘respect‘ would be more appropriate! The new team is more than three times the size, and AVX’s global locations are a much wider field than before. But in the past few years I have been able to gain experience, make mistakes and use my creative freedom. During this time I have got to know many people and other cultures, and have been able to go my own way. I shall now be travelling much more often than before, but this step comes at a time when my daughter is almost grown up and she supports my plans. I am very happy about this, and hope young people in their career find the necessary courage, sufficient ambition and above all an employer who makes all this possible!”

We offer space for your career

Our global structure, flat hierarchies and a dynamic market offer many triggers for personal development and an international career. We are delighted that team members like Mandy are shaping their career together with us, and wish her and her team all the best for this new and exciting challenge!


Pressure Sensors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

New sealing concept offers high levels of safety and long term stability

A special pressure sensor designed for use at the fuel tank of hybrid-electric vehicles is the latest development from the specialists for ceramic pressure measuring cells – AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH. The new pressure sensor features very high measuring accuracy over its life time, and satisfies the specific and demanding requirements of modern hybrid-electric vehicles particularly closely.

At the core of the new pressure sensor is a fully ceramic pressure measuring cell with integrated pressure connection. The sensor is mounted in a compact two-part housing. Next to the pressure measuring cell are the circuit board for signal conditioning and the electrical connection.

Sealing against the installation point can be made with either one or two O-rings, depending on the medium and tightness requirements. Different O-ring materials can also be combined to allow compatibility with different media or aggregate states at the same time. Thanks to its optimal use of space, this new pressure sensor is only slightly taller than a EMS pressure sensor for a comparable pressure range.

AB Elektronik’s in-house ceramic processing capability has enabled a rapid and flexible design of the pressure connection in terms of diameter and sealing concept, for individual adaptation to customer requirements. The preferably digital interface can also be quickly varied in its design.

“This new sensor opens up a very wide field of applications in the sophisticated low pressure range for sensors of this type” says Frank Rothe, specialist for pressure, temperature and liquid quality sensors at AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH.» Technical details about combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor can be found here

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Technical article: Efficient and reliable battery switch for 48 V Li-ion batteries

In the case of a traffic accident, it must be possible to disconnect lithium-ion batteries independently and safely from electrical consumers. At present, mechanical relay switches are used, but these cause noise. For electric cars in particular, the requirements for noise emission of components are becoming more stringent. A semiconductor-based isolating switch can be used as an alternative for this application. The solution presented in this article offers advantages in terms of high current capability, excellent thermal properties (continuous and transient) and long service life, while at the same time being cost-effective, since the power electronics are largely made of a pure aluminium alloy.


» Read more about the technology background in the latest article published on (German).

» Read the the English article by Dr. Louis Costa, AB Mikroelektronik GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

Participate our Webinar: “SPINpad Sensors Outperform VR Resolvers in Terms of Economy, Functionality, & Flexibility in Hybrid/Electric Powertrains”

On Wednesday, May 27, 1 pm EST Matthias Knoche, Product Application Manager Speed Sensors will give a live webinar about our innovative SPINpad technology.



The functionality and effectiveness of electric motors and driver assistance systems is critically dependent on the reliability of the sensors that convert physical variables, such as speed or position, into electrical signals and transmit them to the control unit. One of the most crucial sensors in electrified powertrains — the rotor position sensor— is located within an electric motor, which is an exceptionally challenging environment. VR resolvers are the current standard technology solution but have no active electronics, which means that they can’t offer any self-diagnostic functions, and are costly considering the technology principle and manufacturing processes.

AB Elektronik developed SPINpad Rotor Positions Sensors to provide hybrid/electric powertrains with more economical, functional, and flexible alternatives to VR resolvers. SPINpad sensors incorporate active electronics, which allows them to support redundant systems designs that meet stringent safety-critical applications requirements per ISO 26262 functional safety guidelines, solve accuracy issues common to VR resolvers, reach maximum speeds of up to 100,000rpm depending on the number of pole pairs within electric motors, and provide digital or analog output signals with readiness for ISO26262 up to ASIL C with one channel or ASIL D with a redundant system. SPINpad sensors are also more flexible in terms of assembly, featuring a very thin form factor with high magnetic immunity and various assembly options for substrates ranging from PCBs to fully metallic targets.

AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH: Georg Schafrath says goodbye and takes over the management of Salzburg on April 1st

A farewell that will become official on 1 April 2020. On this date Georg Schafrath will take over the role of Managing Director of AB Mikroelektronik in Salzburg, also part of AVX Sensing and Control Division. AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH will be managed on an interim basis by the long-standing plant management team members Aldo Bojarski, Head of Development at the Klingenberg site, and Lars Warnecke, Head of Finance of the Sensing and Control Division.

Originally planned in the context of a works meeting, the farewell took place on a much smaller scale than planned, in the spirit of social isolation. However, Georg Schafrath found very personal words for the workforce and management team, who have backed him with unreserved loyalty since 2017. As a member of the Supervisory Board, he will continue to be associated with the plant in the future. 

Herr Schafrath takes up his new role with optimistic foresight. “AB Mikroelektronik stands for innovative automotive technologies with the Power Module and LED technologies product lines, strong application depth and customer specific developments. With worldwide production at the global locations of the AVX group, together with the local team we continue to build on our strengths.”

Further information about AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH.

AB Elektronik: Rotor Position Sensor for Electric Motors

Inductive SPINpad Rotor Position Sensor from AB Elektronik optimizes the efficiency of electric motors

It’s a highly topical issue: alternative drive concepts and further reduced fleet emission limits (limit value 2020: 95g CO2/km) require solutions. Here, the electric motor is considered to be the alternative with the highest short term efficiency in powertrain optimization.

Designed-in solutions: the SPINpad sensor offers high immunity to interference, and cost advantages through a simplified design

Achieving high efficiency from an electric motor requires precise control, and the lower the specific energy consumption, the greater the range of the vehicle. A fundamental control variable for motor control in this context is the rotor position within the electric motor.

AB Elektronik’s rotor position sensor is a further evolution of AUTOPAD inductive technology – with many million products in the field.

The inductive system is characterized by an immunity to low frequency magnetic fields up to 150kHz. The circuit board based design of the coil structures, and the resonant operation, allow several sensor systems to be located in a very small space. These are designed to meet functional safety requirements (ISO 26262) up to a maximum level of ASIL D. Many years’ experience in inductive technology has enabled a simple product design, ideal for highly automated production. The associated cost advantages make the system more attractive than comparable solutions.

Made for the future: Forward thinking in the design of the rotor position sensor supports self-diagnostic functions, and paves the way for use in autonomous vehicles

This is novel in the field of rotor position sensors, as existing technologies (e.g. VR resolvers) are purely mechanical/passive sensors without self-diagnostic functions. This can lead to control software problems in the growth phase of autonomous driving, as such sensors cannot be adequately secured against potential errors.

Depending on the application requirements, the SPINpad sensor can be designed as a 360° system. Alternatively, to simplify installation and for large diameters, a circular segment design can be adopted. Depending on the design of the vehicle, the system can be mounted on the shaft (‘through-shaft’), or on the end of the shaft.

In combination with AB Elektronik’s innovative direct injection moulding technology, a SPINpad rotor position sensor is robust against even the most demanding requirements in the customer application – for example, continuous operation at 150°C in transmission oil.

Find technical details in our Fast Fact Sheets

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AVX – Generic Coronavirus Statement

AVX website generic Coronavirus (COVID-19) alert

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in China these past few weeks has caused the World Health Organization to announce the situation as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and for the Legal Work Committee of the National People’s Congress to declare that, unless otherwise provided by law, the current measures taken by the Chinese government to protect public health are force majeure events and shall excuse a party’s inability to perform part or all of its obligations.

Most airlines and many shippers have stopped their services to and from China either partially or fully. Further, many facilities in China are still closed or are on reduced production schedules.

Each province is responding to this emergency separately. In particular, AVX Group manufacturing facilities have been significantly affected. In addition, the supply of protective equipment such as masks, non-contact thermal measuring devices, and the like is disrupted and there are shortages both in China and elsewhere.

As a result, there has been a substantial impact on the supply chain of products either manufactured in China or which incorporate components that are manufactured in China.

The situation is very fluid with new announcements being made without any prior notice by governmental units, manufacturers and transporters.

These circumstances are unforeseeable and outside the reasonable control of the AVX Group and in the nature of “force majeure,” thereby creating impediments to members of the AVX Group in providing its products and services to its customers.

Accordingly, AVX Group shall be relieved of any liability under any contract for services to and from China if, and to the extent that, such liability is caused by the consequences of outbreak of coronavirus.

In view of the aforesaid force majeure situation, AVX Group reserves the right to modify all or part of its obligations to provide products services that are manufactured in China or which contain components manufactured in China, to change its working procedures, to charge surcharges or otherwise to take measures to adjust its business operations and obligations towards customers to the then prevailing circumstances arising as a consequence due to outbreak of coronavirus.

The AVX Group is continuously monitoring the situation and will provide further updates in this regard when available. If you have any questions or for further information, please do not hesitate to email, call +1 864-967-2150 or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, SC 29644.



BS6 Sensor Solutions for exhaust applications

Trust in competence – sensors and power electronics for exhaust applications that meet the requirements of the BS6 regulation in India

AB Elektronik: BS6 Sensor Solutions for exhaust applications in cars, trucks and two-wheelers.

AB Elektronik has partnered with global car, truck and two-wheeler manufacturers for many years. Today we are applying our long term experience in exhaust technologies to BS6 projects. Together with our teams in Manesar and Bangalore, India we are designing reliable, sturdy solutions for the next generation of environment friendly exhaust systems.

Our portfolio for exhaust gas applications includes:















Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Quality Sensors

  • Monitoring of loading and the regeneration process in the particulate filter
  • Monitoring of novel high temperature combustion processes (PWM, SENT or CAN signal output)
  • Pressure and quality monitoring of AdBlue® in the SCR system (Optical sensor records urea concentration in AdBlue® via the refractive index)

The field of exhaust after treatment is one of our core competences. As well as providing product information and technical articles on our website, we stay close to our global customers. For the India market and BS6 requirements, please get in touch with our sales team in Manesar or with Frank Rothe our global product application expert for exhaust applications.

You can find a range of useful information and links here.

AB Elektronik and CPK start feasibility study for new NOx sensors

AB Elektronik and CPK start feasibility study for new NOx sensors

Contract signed on 6th December, St Nicholas Day 2019 in Werne.

AB Elektronik is a long standing partner in the automotive industry, and a global player in the market for exhaust gas sensors. Together with experts from CPK-Automotive in Münster, Germany, the company has begun a feasibility study for a novel NOx sensor. The new sensor will offer significantly greater accuracy and a significant cost advantage over the NOx sensors widely available in the automotive market.

NOx sensors detect the nitrogen oxide content of the exhaust gas before and after the SCR catalytic converter. They are therefore indispensable for complying with the latest exhaust emission standards, and will fulfil an important market need into the future. AB Elektronik brings to the partnership a large portfolio of exhaust gas sensors and, on completion of a successful project, will consider expansion in the area of NOx sensors. CPK is the technology partner in the alliance; the development teams in Werne and Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia are jointly committed to achieving a positive feasibility study.

Initial tests have already been completed, and the results will be further validated during the collaboration.


Contract signing in Werne. From left to right:
AB Elektronik – Thomas Rinschede, (VP Technical Sales der AVX Sensing and Control Business Unit und Geschäftsführer der AB Elektronik GmbH) Stefan Rühl (Director R&D der AVX Sensing and Control Business Unit)
CPK – Frank Noack (Geschäftsführer der CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG), Dirk Bleicker (Head of R&D der CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG)

Read the latest article about our new NOx sensor in ATZ Heavy Duty 01/2020

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Agritechnica 2019

Agritechnica Hanover – our teams are around the show and we are looking forward to meet you.
As your long-standing partner for customer-specific sensors and sturdy electronic solutions for agriculture, commercial vehicles an automotive.
Here you will find an overview of our team visiting the Agritechnica in Hannover. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We look forward to your visit

Monday, 11.11.2019

Wednesday, 13.11.2019

Thursday, 14.11.2019

Thomas Rinschede

Frank Rothe

Roger Möllers

Sebastian Schulze

Matthias Knoche

Sandra Groß


Global player for commercial-vehicle-applications

Robust technologies and global footprint 
The enormous diversity of transport requirements for commercial vehicles calls for a wide range of sensor solutions of the highest quality and robust design. Partnering with most of the Premium OEM in the truck market we can offer a comprehensive portfolio of customized solutions.

Exhaust gas after-treatment

Since the EURO 4 standard, AB Elektronik has been an accredited partner of truck manufacturers for development and production of sophisticated sensor solutions for exhaust gas applications.
To complement our existing technologies for exhaust gas monitoring we are on course to meet the requirements of Euro 6 and Tier 4i and f emissions.
The functional diversity of gas sensors from AB Elektronik now offers practical, economical and powerful complete solution from a single source.

For future applications, the nitrogen oxides (NO,NO2=NOx) generated in the engine during combustion have to be eliminated actively.
In the so-called selective catalytic reduction (SCR), an aqueous urea solution (32.5% NH3) is injected into the hot diesel exhaust.
The result is non-hazardous N2 and H2O. For requirements-based metering of the solution, exact detection of pressure and temperature is necessary.
For this pressure sensor, the AB experts selected a specially capsuled measuring cell which in a compressed-air-free system guarantees that there is no freezing, as this area in case of sub-zero temperatures is exposed to outside temperature due to mostly little insulation.
For optimum control of a number of additional functions in exhaust gas after-treatment, AB Elektronik possesses innovative products and a high overall expertise in this special field.

» Learn more about our wide product range for exhaust after treatment

Pressure sensors

Last generation pressure sensors are absolutely solid and have excellent long-live characteristics. They win by their modular-building-concept and can be integrated into customer systems easily

AB Elektronik offers a great number of innovative and robust solutions for measuring pressure in different media.
Due to flexible configurations, our pressure sensor modules can easily be integrated into customer-specific systems.
Particularly powerful engines in trucks, work machines, and agricultural vehicles require permanent monitoring in different media.
A great variety of different basic technologies enables us to optimally suit sensor features to the respective customer application.

» Learn more about our wide product range for pressure sensors

Temperature sensors

Intelligent sensor-concepts for fast and precise temperature detection also in demanding applications

Temperature sensors by AB Elektronik are reliable, fast and precise in liquid and gaseous media such as water, oil, fuel, intake air and charge air.
With more than 15 years of experience in developing and producing temperature sensors we are well positioned as partners to well-known OEMs and Tier 1/2 suppliers in the automotive industry.

» Learn more about our wide product range for temperature sensors

Position sensors

A wide range of technology know-how enables position-detection for versatile applications

AB Elektronik has been a development partner and a supplier of position sensors since 1990.
The second product generation is already available for Hall sensors.
With a large portfolio of patents, AB Elektronik is a well-known supplier for large-volume production for car and truck applications.
We also have medium- and small-volume production for special-purpose vehicles.

Agricultural applications include various drive demand applications, such as joystick control or pedals, as well as sensors for mobile applications, such as hitch positions.

» Learn more about our wide product range for position sensors


Electronic pedals

Take your choice: Electronic pedals with integrated position-detection as well as plugged sensor solution – depending on your application

Position sensors for pedal applications are used e.g. for clutch or brake pedals.
The possibility of adapting these sensors to existing systems and adjusting them to the  respective application through customised programming renders this solution attractive also for low-volume  applications.
All pedals and sensor solutions for pedal systems are based on non-contacting technology.
Different designs in suspended and floor-mounted applications enable optimum customising of installation space.

» Learn more about our wide product range for pedals

Speed sensors

Our engineers understand optimal control means: Higher efficiency, low emissions and an increase in driving pleasure

In order to handle resources in a responsible way and to protect the environment, it is necessary to measure precisely, even at a low rotational speed, immediately when the engine of a vehicle has been started.  
Detecting rotational speeds without loss enables optimal engine control resulting in improved driving characteristics and low emissions.

» Learn more about our wide product range for speed sensors

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