AB Elektronik is a global employer in the automotive world

Many of our conversations start with Namaste, 你好 or we simply agree on a “Hello”, because English is the company language for customer-specific development projects at AB Elektronik.

Transparency and openness in international dialogue

The know-how of our European centres of excellence is the basis for all projects that we implement for our customers worldwide. Cooperation in international projects requires both technical expertise and openness to foreign cultures – an important key to our global success.

Project acquisition and development often takes three to five years. We communicate in a transparent and comprehensible manner, and we always agree on current milestones together. Our teams use personal agreements on site, and take part in regular training sessions in the competence centres in Germany and Austria. This enables us to engage in an intensive intercultural dialogue on various product and process topics.

For us, intercultural learning processes are the salt in our food.

You work on a project, get to know each other and build trust.  The technical know-how is an important component. Above all, however, it is up to each individual to form a positive team culture with which we lead a project to success over a distance of many thousands of kilometres.

Our team members from Europe, Asia, USA and Mexico like to face this challenge. Everyone develops an intercultural feeling, and expands their personal competence. You promote each other and at the same time learn a lot about working methods and procedures in the other country. Different roles in our projects offer perfect opportunities for people who like to travel, and want to make a difference locally, but also for local experts who find their place in this international network.


No matter where you are in the world, we stay in touch

In our family of companies, AVX’s Sensing and Control Business Unit, we have common meeting points that can be reached from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s project meetings, our team’s participation in the Detroit Marathon, an award for one of our factories or another organizational announcement, our intranet and modern online communication platforms make it easy to stay involved and informed over long distances.

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