AB Elektronik develops standard concept for urea sensor

Since Euro standards have been regulating the pollutant emissions of modern engines and exhaust systems, automobile manufacturers and system partners have relied on sensors from AB Elektronik.
The measurement of urea quality is the third product column for exhaust gas sensor technology – alongside temperature and pressure measurement – with which the experts from Klingenberg, near Dresden, are finding success in global markets.

After consistent development of their optical urea concentration sensor, AB Elektronik has introduced standardization as a modular system, which opens up clear advantages over complex systems with ultrasonic units and other measuring methods. The optical measuring method allows a very compact sensor design, which proves to be extremely robust in demanding environmental conditions. The compactness allows for versatile use in different mounting systems, both in or at the urea tank, as well as in the supply line.

Frank Rothe, Product Manager for this product group, puts the increasing demand in the automotive sector down to the need for permanent measurement of the urea content in the fuel additive known as AdBlue. This is used to eliminate nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicles, and in modern automobiles, continuous measurement of its quality is now mandatory. If the concentration does not comply with the specifications, or if the level in the tank can no longer be measured, the driver receives various warnings until the vehicle finally switches to emergency mode. The sensor is also used for similar functions in tanks and industrial plants.

“We see a wide variety of requirements regarding the installation space, and the interfaces for measuring urea content”, says Mr Rothe. “Not every requirement can be supported with a completely new design if the required quantity is small. This has led to our development of a modular standard, which we will offer in the future with a partner, among other things as a complete tank sensor unit. As a competent partner in the field of exhaust gas sensor technology, we are convinced that this step will help our customers to optimize their systems.” Frank Rothe continues: “Development of the technology is in the hands of our European competence centre; production and local design adaptation takes place in our international locations.”

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