AB Elektronik and CPK start feasibility study for new NOx sensors

AB Elektronik and CPK start feasibility study for new NOx sensors

Contract signed on 6th December, St Nicholas Day 2019 in Werne.

AB Elektronik is a long standing partner in the automotive industry, and a global player in the market for exhaust gas sensors. Together with experts from CPK-Automotive in Münster, Germany, the company has begun a feasibility study for a novel NOx sensor. The new sensor will offer significantly greater accuracy and a significant cost advantage over the NOx sensors widely available in the automotive market.

NOx sensors detect the nitrogen oxide content of the exhaust gas before and after the SCR catalytic converter. They are therefore indispensable for complying with the latest exhaust emission standards, and will fulfil an important market need into the future. AB Elektronik brings to the partnership a large portfolio of exhaust gas sensors and, on completion of a successful project, will consider expansion in the area of NOx sensors. CPK is the technology partner in the alliance; the development teams in Werne and Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia are jointly committed to achieving a positive feasibility study.

Initial tests have already been completed, and the results will be further validated during the collaboration.


Contract signing in Werne. From left to right:
AB Elektronik – Thomas Rinschede, (VP Technical Sales der AVX Sensing and Control Business Unit und Geschäftsführer der AB Elektronik GmbH) Stefan Rühl (Director R&D der AVX Sensing and Control Business Unit)
CPK – Frank Noack (Geschäftsführer der CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG), Dirk Bleicker (Head of R&D der CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG)

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