AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou at WeChat

AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou at WeChat

“WeChat is one of the most important communication platforms in China,” confirms Leo Liu, General Manager China.

And there is a lot to tell, because AB Elektronik Sensors in Suzhou is a recognized partner for the implementation of global projects for European customers, and an established player for sensors and power electronics in China’s local automobiles, trucks and off-road vehicles.

To ensure our partners receive all news conveniently and quickly, we have recently started a WeChat portal, and we’re delighted at the great reception it has had!

News is guaranteed as our plant in China is looking forward to a year of strong growth, and our technical expertise has become a valued asset for Chinese automotive manufacturers and system suppliers. Technical articles, new products and company insights will be available via our WeChat website in the future.

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WeChat – more than just a messenger service

In China, this app is much more than just a messenger app of the kind you are familiar with in Europe. Numerous transactions of daily life are processed via this app. The platform has approximately 100 million users, and has long since become a permanent feature for companies that want to be noticed in China, the world’s second largest economy.

AB Elektronik expands market share for electronic hand throttles in India.

Werne – Manesar, May 2019 – AB Elektronik GmbH in Werne and AVX Electronics in Manesar have cooperated closely to expand their market share for electronic hand throttles in India. Their electronic solution for hand throttles has been adopted by leading Indian three-wheeler manufacturers, based on the system that has already proved successful in Europe.

The handle layout will be adapted to customer-specific local requirements, and production in Manesar will be expanded. “Our customers were especially impressed by our robust and advanced design, short development time, and the local serial production in Manesar, India”, says Praveen Gupta, General Manager – India.

In addition to local production the time factor is very important, because the Indian market for internal combustion engine powered vehicles demands innovative solutions for two and three-wheelers very shortly. The BS6 emission standards, which can only be achieved by the consistent introduction of innovative sensors in all vehicles in the country, will apply as soon as April 1, 2020. For achieving these standards, most OEMs will need to start producing their new engines by December 2019. Rapid development of this technology for the Indian market has been made possible by AB Elektronik’s know-how, and its many years’ experience in the integration and conversion of mechanical to electronic systems.

Electronic hand throttles work similarly to accelerator pedals in passenger cars. In this case, mechanical modules with Bowden cables are largely dispensed with. Controlling the powertrain with an electronic solution is much more precise, and therefore invaluable in meeting the proposed exhaust emission standards as well as provide additional features like signals for regenerative braking in E-bikes.

The AVX throttles work with non-contact sensor technology, with the sensor designed as a two channel system for the driver’s safety. The two sensor channels are independent of each other, and the sensor generates two independent signals proportional to the angular position of the throttle grip to provide redundancy. The electronic hand throttle is a key interface between the vehicle and the driver. The driver’s intentions are safely converted by the clear detection of the throttle angular position, and the corresponding signal from the throttle to the engine control unit.

AVX India expects further growth in this area through cooperation with a leading local manufacturer of cars, trucks, 3-wheelers, 2-wheelers and scooters. The latest E-scooters will in future be equipped with AB Elektronik/ AVX-branded electronic hand throttles for the Indian and European markets.