bauma China 2018

27th to 30th November 2018
We are looking forward to meeting you at bauma China in Shanghai!

Our booth number E5.861 is in Hall E5.

bauma China is Asia’s largest and most important event for the construction industry, and offers us the opportunity to meet our valued business partners in Shanghai. You will find our booth E5.861 in Hall E5, where we will be showing an overview of our Sensing and Control portfolio and other innovations. Follow the link below to see the product highlights at our stand in the run-up to the trade fair. We’ll also provide practical hints, details of the booth team, our positioning in the hall and of course a view behind the scenes – just check back from time to time!

Complete overview of our construction machinery portfolio:

Customer specific solutions for your application:

The planning has begun!

Once again, we feature a clear stand design and comprehensive product information. As always, our key account representatives and product managers will welcome you personally at our stand!

We look forward to your visit to booth E5.861





Henry Zhao

Changliang Guo

Jolin Zhu


Looking for smart POSITION controls, or our current solutions for construction machinery applications? At bauma China 2018, we shall present our portfolio to you.

Do you need more information about our highlights? Then visit our solution-oriented product pages.

This way to stand E5.861!

Career choice: career at AB Elektronik

Our new series: What does the family of companies with flat hierarchies actually mean at AB Elektronik?
We love success and a breath of fresh air in our company. This is the opportunity for your career.

In the leading role:

Matthias Knoche.
Young Professional

Well-prepared, off to a good start, and already won the first stages!

A screwdriver workshop in the Ruhr area: Matthias Knoche (right in the picture) likes to be there himself when motorcycles or cars are being repaired. Initially as a high school graduate, but later also during his basic military service. Already during this time his interest for technical connections and for a study in the field of mechanical engineering grows.

In everything he does, it is important to him to look “at the big picture”. Thinking in drawers, royal knowledge and “that doesn’t work because it has never been possible” is not his thing. Even during his 12-month stay abroad, which he spent in the USA during his high school studies, he realized that his professional advancement should be characterized above all by versatility.

Matthias: “Even when I started my studies in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University in October 2005, I worked as an assistant in the engine development department of a well-known automotive supplier. Primarily to earn something in addition, but there I also got a lot of experience of working in project teams. I was fascinated by the opportunities that arose when many bright minds wanted to advance a cause and everyone offered their support exactly where it was needed. The focus was not on the responsibility for a topic, but on the technical knowledge and its coordination for the possible solution. That was really cool, and it impressed me how many good ideas were implemented there. That’s how I imagined my future professional life.

Young professionals are right at AB Elektronik: if they are curious and good at their job and are eager to bring our customers’ projects to a successful conclusion. Because we also focus on solutions. New approaches and fresh ideas help us further. We see this as a rejuvenating cure for our company. At AB Elektronik, young professionals have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge, satisfy their curiosity and shape the next career steps through targeted mentoring.

Matthias: “With this insight for my future in mind, I wrote my student research project at Voith AG, the key point being versatility. It was about the “Life Cycle Costing” analysis of a paper machine. I completed my diploma thesis at Siemens Infrastructure & Cities in Krefeld on the analysis and prognosis of wheel wear development of rail vehicle wheels using the example of a regional traction vehicle.

I wanted to use this time and gain further experience. Therefore, my practical semester at RWE IT GmbH led me to the Consulting & Processing division before I earned my diploma in March 2013.

I felt well positioned, and now the fun was just about to begin!

From my first job in a small start-up, which is very successful today by the way, I expected interesting projects and processes with little bureaucracy. In this phase, however, there was a lack of mentoring capacities in this newly emerging company, and I didn’t really make any progress. As you can imagine: That wasn’t what I wanted, and so I was happy to hear a hint from a friend who drew my attention to an open position as project manager at AB Elektronik.”

Mentoring – so that professional potential can mature into excellence: A professional career is based on goals you set yourself and on opportunities that develop. We have experts at our company who will support you in developing your skills in a targeted manner. We are happy to benefit from this by combining your progressive professional maturity with career steps within the company. Together we ensure that the AB Elektronik brand is not only qualified by an outstanding history, but is also secured by our young talents through the particularly future-oriented orientation of our products and technologies.

Matthias: “With my application to AB Elektronik, I hoped to be able to get off to a good start, and it got off to a good start. The application process was uncomplicated. We not only talked about the requirements for this job, but also included my ideas for a professional career. The tour of the plant made it clear to me that there was a lot of internal capacity in the plant for development, prototyping and laboratory work, as well as for ultra-modern production. So it promised to be interesting.

Taking over the project management for the development of customer-specific sensors in the automotive environment was a welcome challenge for me. Since I saw myself in the long run rather in technical sales, this position offered a perfect start in this direction. Given the company’s existing expertise, I seized my opportunity and from October 2014 managed complex development projects for renowned automobile manufacturers. This includes coordinating technical milestones and deadlines. Even today, I particularly like the cooperation with all specialist departments. We often have discussions in which my versatile technical background leads me to see challenges from a new, different perspective. Very exciting. And also instructive.

These tasks are exactly my thing. I gathered experience and proved that the trust placed in me was well invested. The desire to go more in the direction of sales and to broaden my view of the big picture did not let go of me in spite of everything.

AB Elektronik: We offer space for your career.

Our global structure, flat hierarchies and the dynamic market of the automotive supplier industry offer a framework that fascinates and motivates us again and again.

New team members like Matthias bring a breath of fresh air to the company, and we are happy to be there for our customers together in the future!

I am looking forward to this new opportunity … and would like to encourage other young professionals! It runs … and is really fun!

Soon AB Elektronik offered me a chance for this next step in my career.
Since July 2018 I have been responsible for the speed sensor product line as Product Application Manager (PAM).
The focus here is not exclusively on the implementation of existing projects, but also on market development, trends, technologies and above all: I am in even more direct dialogue with our customers. Technical presentations, development of designs and also commercial topics are today, in close cooperation with sales and development, among my tasks!”

Dual studies at AB Elektronik

Our new series: What does our family of companies with their flat hierarchies actually mean at AB Elektronik?

We promote the growth of our company, and we’re also happy to develop your career prospects with you.

In the leading role:

Angelika Schens

A young woman who should realise a greater potential.

Korbach, Hesse. Angelika is determined and starts looking early for a suitable partner for an apprenticeship. She would like to complete a practical training course, and at the same time study mechatronics. She is ready to leave her home in North Hesse at the age of only 19 after graduating from high school. She is a little nervous, because in addition to the challenges of her studies and training, this also means becoming independent.

She gets a referral to AB Elektronik from a counselling centre. The combination of a technical course of study in Dortmund, with periods of presence at the Werner company, meets her expectations precisely.

Angelika: “I liked the speedy application process at AB Elektronik, and the training model, in which college and company always run in parallel, was more advantageous to me than a sandwich course.

The company location in Werne resembles my home town Korbach a little. That was an additional plus point, because I’m not a fan of big cities. The FOM in Dortmund is easy to reach from there. So I quickly decided to accept the place on offer.

I knew that I could achieve the goals I had set myself. Nevertheless, there were small doubts, because the requirements of a dual study program are quite demanding. And although it was my wish to become independent, the separation from home was more difficult for me than expected.

When everything was in place and an apartment had been found, I was informed that my chosen mechatronics course had not come about, and that I had to switch to mechanical engineering at very short notice. I had already gained a very good impression of the company through the discussions with AB and did not want to change. However, I accepted the change of discipline and began my studies in September 2013.

In this situation and at the age of 19, it was very important for me to be well received in the company. The lack of leisure time, which comes with the intensive training, allows little time for making new acquaintances. That makes having good colleagues and a working environment in which you feel at home all the more important.”

Dual studies at AB Elektronik: This form of training optimally combines practical experience with a theoretical course of studies. You save time and earn money from the start.

At the same time, the commitment to the company opens up good prospects for the future.

This path is particularly suitable for determined and performance-oriented career self-starters. Due to the parallel training, there is little free time and the demands are high. But it is worth it, as you can read from Angelika’s example.

Those who dare to do so are in good hands with us, because courage and determination are attributes that we greatly appreciate about you!

Mentoring – start-up support in the first few years of your career.
Plenty of support through the apprenticeship and also in the first years of the job opens up many possibilities.
At AB Elektronik, trainees and interns find experienced contacts and are directly integrated into teams. Technical questions receive a competent response. Our mentors also keep an open ear to personal concerns, since only those who feel they are in good hands can motivate themselves to perform well, and perhaps even grow beyond their own expectations. Give it a try, we will be happy to assist you!

Angelika: “The support and above all the professional mentoring during my studies exposed me to many different specialist areas. This gave me a good idea of the various career options that awaited me after my studies.

Even during my studies, the company supported me with additional training as a quality manager at TÜV Rheinland, which meant I could additionally qualify for tasks in the QM system. The contractual working time of 35 hours a week was reduced so that I could not only master all modules, but also complete them with good results.

My experience in the field of quality and the testing laboratory led to my preference for this for the bachelor thesis and for a later position. With the topic of ‘Securing press-fit technology on the basis of statistical evaluations and metallographic examinations’, I achieved an overall grade of 1.6 for my training.

Today, I am a team member in the testing laboratory, and glad to have taken this strenuous route. I have received a lot of support from the company, and in the end I am proud of myself. Not only did I go my own way, but in some areas I was able to really outgrow myself. This has opened up new perspectives for me that I would never have considered as a nineteen year old high school student.”

AB Elektronik: With its international orientation, our company offers many opportunities to combine technical and commercial interests. Through good mentoring and acceptance into concrete project teams, we help to create a practical view of work. Things that previously seemed rather complicated and provided little interest to a career starter become more tangible and interesting.

Angelika made very good use of this opportunity, and we are delighted that she is now part of our corporate family!

konaktiva 2018

7th November 2018 – We are exhibiting!
We look forward to meeting you at ‘konaktiva’ in the Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund!

The organisers have created konaktiva as a company contact fair organized by students, for students.
The fair takes place in the Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund, and offers students and young academics the chance to get in direct contact with personnel managers of different companies.

For us, everything revolves around the mobility of the future.
Under the brand name AB Elektronik, we develop sensors and power electronics for emission reduction, safety and comfort, together with renowned automobile manufacturers and system partners.

Come along to our booth to find out about our companies as well as our current job offers…
… and attend our lecture on the subject of “Innovation Driving – Just Sensors“ .

Where to find us?

Who can you meet at the booth?

Markus Schmitz
Human Resources

Niklas Becker

Markus Frädrich
Head of Development Innovation

Marius Gloger
Team Innovation

Our team is looking forward to your visit!

What awaits you at our booth?

AB Elektronik stands for the provision of advanced automotive technologies for special customer needs. Markus Frädrich and his team develop innovative concepts, and he explains in his lecture “Innovation Driving – Just Sensors” how good customer requirements, ideas, technologies and processes can be combined into a tailor made product for our customers. The lecture will be held at 11:45 in room 1.

The konaktiva team organizes individual discussions. You can register here until 22nd October 2018:
Take the opportunity for a personal one-to-one exchange and introduce yourself at this mini-application interview. We will let you know of firm entry opportunities within the framework of an internship or a thesis etc.
Our team is looking forward to your visit!

Our company presentation offers you an insight into our company structures, products and a fascinating look behind the scenes. Just look at the big screen at our booth.

Technique to touch and try out: Accelerator pedals from AB Elektronik are much more than just the interface between man and vehicle. Their signals initiate a process chain via the vehicle’s control unit that affects the entire engine control system. Haptic feedback also supports safety and comfort functions. Curious? Find out more at our booth!

We are looking for young talent!

We are looking for bright minds for our competence centers in the field of sensor technologies for Automotive / Transportation, such as:

  • Young specialists and managers (f/m)
  • Bachelor and Master students (f/m)
  • Working students (f/m)
  • Interns (f/m)

In the following fields:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Vehicle and traffic engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Communications
  • Industrial engineering

Become part of an open and dynamic innovation culture with great room for talent and success.

We look forward to your visit!

Learn more about people who have started their careers together with us.

What can we offer you?

  • Intensive mentoring and training opportunities
  • Good career opportunities
  • An in-house canteen
  • Attractive compensation
  • Internal health and fitness programs
  • Employee discounts for …
    • A Fitness studio in Werne
    • A stainless steel processing company
    • etc.
  • Exemption for study purposes
  • Flexible working hours
  • Occupational pension provision

What do we expect from you?

You have strong mathematics, you are enthusiastic about electronics, mechatronics and physics, and have some IT skills. You convince us of your analytical understanding and enjoy working in a team. You will fit in particularly well with us if you are sociable, and master new tasks with a lot of commitment.